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    You can always contact me at abkarr@me.com.


    One-on-one or group cooking classes

    One-on-one classes are tailored to your specific needs. Group classes with friends or colleagues are a great team-building exercise and, most importantly, FUN!


    Menu planning and pantry organization

    Meal planning techniques: Set up a specific plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

    Pantry and kitchen organization: Get all of your items in order. Knowing what to have on hand is vital to eating well and saving money!


    Commercial -

    Recipe research and development

    About Me

    This website was created to share food related information. I write recipes and also try all kinds of recipes that I love to share.  I love giving gifts and they’re often food related (big surprise) so I’ll also share some ideas on those.

    I have loved to eat and play in the kitchen since as far back as I can remember. I have definitely evolved from trying and testing more complicated recipes to keeping things simple. That’s a big theme these days, and for good reason. Our lives are busy and when it comes down to it, complicated food seems to create more stress than it’s worth. On an everyday basis, I need to be able to make and eat simple, good food. Happy cooking!